Dr Ali Tells ADL Leadership Summit: UAE Leads With Courage To Fight Hate 

Dr Ali Tells ADL Leadership Summit: UAE Leads With Courage To Fight Hate

Dr Ali was one of the keynote speakers at the annual Anti-Defamation League (ADL) National Leadership Summit in Washington this weekend.

As the Chairman of the Manara Center For Coexistence in Abu Dhabi, which is partnered with the ADL, one of the oldest NGOs fighting anti-semitism, Dr Ali shared the UAE’s vision of regional coexistence.

Dr Ali Tells ADL Leadership Summit: UAE Leads With Courage To Fight Hate

One of the first countries to sign the historic 2020 Abraham Accords, Dr Ali spoke of the country’s President, Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed’s leadership of “courage to take the hard decisions”, paving the way for a region which can live with such human values as the UAE leaders bestow, of coexistence and peace, leading by example.

Addressing over 500 of the organisation’s top leadership, Dr Ali spoke of the shared history of Jews, Christians and Muslims. “We share the history and we should share the future. We share the challenges and we must share the opportunities.”

Countering hate is the only way to overcome the suffering of the people of the Middle East, who have lived decades at the hands of the extremists who divided populations. “The region has suffered enough and we should have the courage to speak to all those in the region,” he said, the Abraham Accords seen as a platform to change the whole region. “It’s not only a political agreement but its a re-engagement between people to people. Arabs want peace and they want someone to take the lead, to open the doors to pave new ways together.”

Offering a voice of peace from a region which has been beset by wars for decades, Dr Ali told the audience: “Hate is everywhere globally and we must fight it globally. We in the UAE are committed to work hard and make sure we counter hate and create a new culture within our region where everyone will be accepted and respected, regardless of their background, religion or nationality.”

Sharing some insight about the new Manara Center, he mentioned the importance of engaging youth, while making everyone feel a part of the mission. “It’s our responsibility to fight hate together and globally,” he said. “If we leave a vacuum, extremists will fill that vacuum. We must engage with all those who believe in peace and the human values we share and to make the new generation immune from hate.”

Citing the example of the Abrahamic Family House — an iconic new development in Abu Dhabi where a mosque, church and synagogue stand side by side on Saadiyat Island — Dr Ali spoke of the UAE’s policy of peace. “We want to show the world that we can live together regardless of our differences and our religions. Our message to the region and to the world is that Judaism, Christianity and Islam all have roots in the Middle East and they should all be part of the region’s future.”

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