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Dr. Ali Rashid Al Nuaimi Blogs

Coexistence and Tolerance: Understanding Semantics and Meaning


Explore the profound meanings of coexistence and tolerance in Arabic culture. Learn how understanding their semantics fosters diverse, compassionate societies. The concept of ‘coexistence’ is deeply ingrained in Arabic culture and represents the necessity for people to live in peace, show respect for one another, and share their means of subsistence regardless of linguistic, racial,[View More]

A Western distraction from climate action

The world has largely agreed on the need to reduce GHG emissions. (AFP)

As appeared on Arab News – It should be common knowledge by now that climate change is a complex problem with outsize consequences for the Global South. By 2030, most Small Island Developing States will lose up to 100 percent of their GDP to climate disasters. Similarly, Africa’s 54 countries will suffer some of[View More]

Four Pillars of Moral Education in UAE: A Comprehensive Review

The Four Pillars of Moral Education in UAE A Comprehensive Review

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has established itself as a symbol of advancement & development in a world that is rapidly changing. The UAE’s creative approach to education particularly its emphasis on moral education is a key factor in this success. The UAE’s Four Pillars of Moral Education are a comprehensive framework built on visionary[View More]

Dr Ali Hosts Ramadan Lecture: “The UAE Leadership’s Vision and Citizen Awareness”

Dr Ali Hosts Ramadan Lecture: “The UAE Leadership’s Vision and Citizen Awareness”

Dr Ali has been actively engaged with public speaking during the holy month of Ramada, across the UAE, addressing Emiratis of all ages. The dedicated educator and statesman spoke this month about the UAE leadership’s vision and how it has taken the UAE through its journey of more than 50 years to today, one of[View More]

The Culture Of Political Difference: Learning To Coexist Within Our Differences


Difference is a natural part of human nature but as a result of those differences, we live with a multiplicity of opinions whether on a personal or a collective level. With this innate diversity, the plurality of opinions leads sometimes to disagreement, and if not managed wisely, may turn into conflict and crises. There are[View More]